Why The Materials?

After over two years of working with all kinds of fabrics and batting from suppliers all over, I feel like I’ve finally found the right balance of high quality materials and supporting small businesses and US manufacturing.

Why cotton? 100% cotton is simple and durable, soft and breathable, and it just feels great against the skin. The cotton I use is Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton for its huge selection of colors (303 to be exact), high quality and wide availability. While they don’t manufacture their fabrics in the US, they are US-based and have been in business since the 1940s. And I recently found my new favorite California-based supplier for Kona cotton: I Love Fabric. They have an amazing selection, super fast shipping and Adrianne (the owner) is SO frickin’ sweet and helpful. 

Why linen? Because linen is amazing. Really though. Linen is the strongest natural fiber, making it super durable and long lasting. It's antimicrobial, odor resistant and naturally wicks away moisture, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Quilts made with linen are luxuriously weighty and the fabric softens with use. I found a California-based company, InstaLinen, that sources linen from around the world and dyes the fabric in the US. Because of the weight and the best quality of flax, I use a 7.5oz Belgian linen.

What about batting? I’ve tried many kinds of batting - cotton, cotton/poly blend, wool, cotton/soy blend - and for the most part, I’ve settled on Warm & Natural, a cotton batting with poly scrim (a thin stabilizer to keep the batting from stretching or distorting). The cotton they use is grown, processed and manufactured in the US and it’s unbleached, so no harsh chemicals. This batting is lightweight but warm, making it perfect for year round use. 

I'm always searching for the highest quality and most sustainable materials as well as new, interesting fabrics to work with. This year, I hope to experiment with some natural dyes (thanks to The Modern Natural Dyer) and get my hands on some raw silk. Stay tuned! 

Laura PrestonComment