Why The Mobile Airstream Studio?

I started Vacilando in February of 2015 while I was living, working + traveling full time around the US in an Airstream trailer, so I didn’t really have much of a choice but to make the tiny space I had work for my business.

After four years of living and two years of running Vacilando in 200q ft with another person and three animals, I’ve learned to be organized, minimal(ish) and mostly tidy (no one’s perfect). It’s definitely not convenient or easy - there are days when I would love nothing more than a huge studio with a giant cutting table and walls of storage for fabric bolts - but then again, I didn’t make the choice of living in an Airstream to have a convenient or easy life.

To me, the benefits of having a tiny mobile Airstream studio and home outweigh the inconveniences. Seeing and exploring the country is a constant stream of inspiration for my work, I get to spend all day every day with my little family, I spend more time outside, have more opportunity to meet interesting people and less space to accumulate things I don’t really need. I realize living tiny or minimally isn’t for everyone, but for me, it brings so much fullness, value and happiness to my life. 

At the current moment, I’m not living or working in my Airstream studio, which is weird but also kinda nice. After getting back on the road in November to continue our travels, we realized that our trailer needed a TON of work (aka a full gut renovation). So for the next while, we’re staying with my family in Texas while we build out our new, recently purchased 34ft 1990 Airstream Excella. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a workspace that will be fully designed and optimized for making, quilting and running my business. If you aren’t already, you can follow our Airstream renovations over at The Long Long Airstream


Laura PrestonComment