COLLAB: Vacilando x Casa Joshua Tree Runner

For the first limited edition piece in the Vacilando x Designer Collaboration Series, I worked with Joshua Tree-based artist and designer Lindsay Hollinger. Lindsay runs the popular and very Instagram-able AirBnB Casa Joshua Tree, where she hosts people from all over the world as well as workshops and creative residencies. 

I visited Joshua Tree for the first time this past December and reached out to Lindsay beforehand to meet up and grab coffee - we had been following each other on Instagram for a while and she seemed like an awesome creative person worth getting to know, or at the very least, having a conversation with. I emailed her and next thing I knew she was inviting me over to her house for dinner.

We had a lovely, relaxed dinner at the Casa (which is more beautiful in person, by the way!) and connected over running creative businesses, traveling, hiking and our love of beautiful, well made objects. She's just such a warm and friendly person - it wasn't hard to become fast friends. By the end of the night, we were talking about ways we could work together, planning a quilt and pillow photo shoot at the Casa for the following day, and brainstorming ideas for our collaboration. 


I think it was Lindsay who came up with the runner idea - she mentioned wanting something that easily changes the look of a bed without being a full bedspread. I had never made a runner for the shop before, so it seemed like something worth trying out. I didn't expect it to be so versatile though - the shape of it invites all kinds of uses. I love it as a long wall hanging or a table runner as well as a bed runner. The shapes and colors are all straight from Lindsay and Joshua Tree, I just arranged them nicely. The colors were inspired by the tones of the desert at sunset and as Lindsay put it, "the centerpiece has some nice symbolic meaning for me - that you can watch the sunset and sunrise from the same spot in Joshua Tree", which I love. 

Seeing the shapes and combination of shapes that Lindsay was coming up with was really exciting to me. They were things that I wouldn't necessarily have put together myself, but once I saw them, seemed so obvious. It was really refreshing. And that there's a strong sentiment behind those shapes - seeing the sunrise and sunset from the same place - always makes the piece more meaningful. 

Our long-distance collaboration involved lots of back-and-forth emailing. Lindsay would send me some watercolor sketches and I'd send back a few layouts until we both settled on a design we loved. I sent some fabric swatch combinations and we discussed color choice and placement. Once the all the decisions had been made, I made the first sample and sent it to Lindsay to photograph in her space. From our first email to launching the runner, the whole process took about three months.

There are only six Casa Joshua Tree Runners available in your choice of machine quilted or hand quilted. Click below to get yours! 

Vacilando x Designer Collaboration Series

I started this ongoing collaboration series of involving outside creative voices in my design process because one of my favorite parts of my job is working with other people on custom quilts and turning their ideas into reality. Each quilt is its own creative puzzle I have to solve and really understand where the client's head is at - it makes getting to that point where the design is what they envisioned such a victory.

Bringing in designers of all mediums to express their vision in quilt form challenges me to go outside of my box and try new shapes, colors and designs. I grow and expand as an artist a lot more quickly when I have someone pushing me to try something I normally wouldn't think of, but it also diversifies my work and reaches more people. It's really exciting to work with these creatives I admire to transform their style or something that inspires them into a useable piece of art with the end result as an expression of their creativity in a different physical form than what they usually work with.

Up next in the series is a hand quilted linen quilt made in collaboration with the talented Kate Oliver of Birch & Pine and most recently The Modern Caravan. I've had the pleasure of meeting Kate and Ellen in person while they were traveling in their first Airstream trailer and have been a huge admirer of her minimal and thoughtful aesthetic that runs throughout her photography, words, home and design. This limited edition quilt will launch in early July - stay tuned!