SGQ PROJECT TOUR: Riane Elise's Yuba Crib Quilt

I asked a handful of my favorite quilters, makers and sewists to choose a project from Simple Geometric Quilting and make their own unique version. I love seeing the creative ways people interpret these patterns, choose colors and make bold design choices that reflect their style and aesthetic. I hope these reimaginations will inspire you to create outside of the box with your very own Simple Geometric Quilting projects!


Riane is a quilter and designer who lives in Denver, where she not only makes and sells her collection of modern quilts and patterns through her brand, Riane Elise, but she’s also a published author and teaches and lectures around the country. Oh, and that’s not even her day job! Riane recently joined QuiltFolk Magazine as their brand director after a long stint as the communications manager of The Modern Quilt Guild. I think it’s safe to say, Riane lives, works and breathes quilting.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 11.56.11 AM.png

I only discovered Riane’s work earlier this year as her gorgeous self-published book, Inheritance, was coming out. And boy am I glad I did - I feel like Riane and I are kindred spirits with our minimalist, non-traditional designs as well as our love of hand quilting and linen. After picking each other’s brains about quilting and business over coffee at QuiltCon earlier this year, I couldn’t wait to see her spin on one of my patterns from Simple Geometric Quilting.


Although she had never sewn curves before, Riane bravely chose the Yuba Crib Quilt. I would have never guessed - her curves looked spot on to me! She share a few fun facts about her process:

  • I hand pieced it and hand quilted it.

  • It was the first time I've ever sewn curves, and they were fun and easy!

  • Instead of making templates though, I just drew the half-circles directly on my fabric.

  • I usually use only linen/cotton, but I got wild and threw in a purple shot cotton in there. I never use purple, but it was perfect in this quilt.

  • I quilted and bound it on my sister's beautiful porch in Iowa.

Between the hand piecing, hand quilting and the beautiful fabrics, Riane’s Yuba Crib Quilt is a true modern heirloom.


The original Yuba Crib Quilt was inspired by the Yuba River in Northern California, where pools of water of different shades of blue-green form amongst the smooth boulders. The large-scale half circles of the Yuba makes it a great pattern for dipping your toe into curves - the larger the curves, the easier it is to piece. This minimalist design allows for creativity to shine with your choice of fabric and quilting pattern.


Want to make your own Yuba Crib Quilt? Order a signed copy of Simple Geometric Quilting from the shop, get a copy from Amazon or wherever books are sold!