SGQ PROJECT TOUR: Stefanie Satterwhite's Tent Rocks Pillow

I asked a handful of my favorite quilters, makers and sewists to choose a project from Simple Geometric Quilting and make their own unique version. I love seeing the creative ways people interpret these patterns, choose colors and make bold design choices that reflect their style and aesthetic. I hope these reimaginations will inspire you to create outside of the box with your very own Simple Geometric Quilting projects!


Stefanie is the quilter and designer behind Satterwhite Quilts, where she creates mind-boggling quilt designs with whimsical names that are almost as fun to say as they are to make. Most of her designs are made up of half square triangles, but with her spot-on color palettes, the sheer number of tiny HSTs and her signature wiggly quilting, she creates kaleidoscopic quilts that are anything but traditional. Her work is regularly found in exhibitions, quilt shows, and modern quilting magazines.


Stefanie was actually one of the first quilters I worked with back in 2017 when things at Vacilando were starting to pick up. We quickly connected and have been sounding boards for each other’s work - I’m not sure my first pattern, The Atlantic Quilt, would have made any sense without her edits! I’ve been a huge fan of her unique aesthetic from the beginning, so I couldn’t wait to see what she’d choose to make from Simple Geometric Quilting.


I was sure Stefanie would choose something from the Triangles section, but I love that she went outside of her comfort zone and went for the Tent Rocks Pillow (especially since the last time she sewed curves was 2015!). Her choice of red and blue stripes with matching fabrics for the half rectangle triangles and half circle is B-O-L-D and something I never would have thought of, but works SO well with this design. The quilting is super creative and adds to the psychedelic vibe of this pillows.


The original Tent Rocks Pillow combines curves and triangles to create an unexpected minimalist pillow inspired by Tent Rocks National Monument in New Mexico. It’s a simple design with a lot of impact that (as you can see above!) can be easily modified with creative uses of fabric and quilting to create a completely unique pillow!


Want to make your own Tent Rocks Pillow? Order a signed copy of Simple Geometric Quilting from the shop, get a copy from Amazon or wherever books are sold!