SGQ Project Tour: Andrea Tsang Jackson of 3rd Story Workshop's Abiquiu Crib Quilt

I asked a handful of my favorite quilters, makers and sewists to choose a project from Simple Geometric Quilting and make their own unique version. I love seeing the creative ways people interpret these patterns, choose colors and make bold design choices that reflect their style and aesthetic. I hope these reimaginations will inspire you to create outside of the box with your very own Simple Geometric Quilting projects!


Andrea is an artist, designer and quilt maker who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has been working in the medium of quilts since 2011. I came across her popular Instagram, shop and blog, 3rd Story Workshop, last year and was immediately drawn to her graphic, whimsical, and faceted quilts. Her intricate designs and precision piecing is impressive - I wish I had that kind of patience!


I met Andrea in person at Quilt Con earlier this year where we connected over modern quilts, quilting as an art practice and how to make a living as a quilter. After a conversation about artist residencies and experimenting with quilts as three-dimensional objects, I had to see what kind of magic she would create with a quilt from Simple Geometric Quilting!


Andrea chose the Abiquiu Crib Quilt and not only made a quilt, but turned it into the most amazing jacket! Using Essex Yarn-Dyed Linen in Charcoal and Silver, Kona Charcoal, and hand-painted Kona cotton, she pieced and quilted the Abiquiu (she loved how simple and quick the quilt top came together!) and then took her time to figure out how to turn it into a jacket, which she based on Named Clothing's Inari Tee pattern.


Her quilt was stunning by itself (that hand painted fabric!), but turning it into a cropped jacket is so creative and out of the box - makes me want to make one for myself!

The original Abiquiu Crib Quilt was inspired by the warm landscape of northern New Mexico (specifically around Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch) and Navajo weaving designs. It was one of the few pieces I got to photograph in the place that inspired it - truly a full circle moment.


Want to make your own Abiquiu Crib Quilt? Order a signed copy of Simple Geometric Quilting from the shop, get a copy from Amazon or wherever books are sold!

P.s. If you love quilts and gemstones, I highly recommend preordering Andrea’s upcoming book Gemology. It comes out on October 1st and looks mind-bogglingly gorgeous!