Why Quilts?

It started out with following some modern quilters on Instagram. I was searching for a new, more utilitarian medium as a creative outlet, since large-scale oil painting in a mobile 200 square foot trailer wasn’t really practical. 

So I said “I’ll make a quilt and see how it goes”. After the first one (which was sewn completely by hand), I was hooked, addicted and there was no going back. 

But in retrospect, the fact that I chose to make quilts makes perfect sense.

My parents are both architects - creativity, strong aesthetic, a sense for construction and clean lines runs in my blood. My grandfather was a tinsmith - I grew up watching him hammer and shape tin sheets into beautiful objects, worked the local craft fairs with him and gained a respect for the art and tradition of craft. And then I studied art history and painting in college - learning the historical value of art across the world and over millennia, discovering the value of symbolism and expression and realizing my love for creating.

If you had told me five years ago that in 2017, I would be running my own business of designing and making quilts for a living, I would have laughed and said that you’re ridiculous. But now, that I get to create art that’s an expression of my experience, that refreshes and perpetuates an American tradition of craft and that ultimately are useful, practical and beautiful objects that people will have over generations…well, that’s my frickin’ dream come true. 

Laura PrestonComment