Sunset Quilt

Sunset Quilt

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Like many, I’ve watched countless sunsets. There’s something really calming about watching the sun slowly dipping below the horizon, changing the sky around it into colors you didn’t think existed in nature. That a sunset is different every single day makes the event of witnessing this otherwise mundane rotation of the earth worth stopping what you’re doing to look at the sky.

I’ve watched the sun set in 39 states and I can’t say that any one place takes the cake for best sunset. They’re all incredible in their own way. Some dramatic and stormy, some technicolor, some gradual, but all fantastic.

The Sunset Quilt is a feeble attempt at capturing some of the vibrant colors that this daily event can produce. The quilt is crib size which makes it perfect to bundle up your little one, could be a pop of color as a wall hanging or an accent for your couch.

  • Crib size: 36" x 48” 

  • Machine-pieced 100% cotton fabric and unbleached muslin

  • Hand-tacked with cotton embroidery thread

  • Low-loft lightweight cotton batting

  • Made in California

  • Care: Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang or lay flat to dry. Iron to smooth if needed. 

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